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To keep you pc Secure you need to have an uptodate Virus checker, Firewall,
and spyware/ Adware removal/prevention tools.

Please check on various forums etc to the suitability of the following links,
they have worked for me.

Can't remove Nortons Security Software
Norton tool to remove all software and settings on Symatec site

Can't remove Mcafee Security Software
Mcafee tool to remove Mcafee home security -Mcafee site

Can't remove AVG Antivirus, use one of the AVG tools from the AVg
Website to remove.
AVG Tool to Remove

DVD / CD sound jittery or broken up - Check DMA settings on IDE port
used by CD, Dell have a small utility to reset the DMA settings
I have used on a Compaq Precarious R3000
link to Dell Download Area or
search on Dell for PIOtoDMA.exe.

Always ensure that your virus checker, firewalls and spyware are kept up
to date. Ensure that the latest Microsoft security patches are installed.

* These links are for your reference, make sure you are happy with any
software prior to download.