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Wireless Networks (wifi)

Your wifi router should require a Password or Key to allow any wifi device to connect.

Many routers now come pre configured and have the Key on the underside of the router
or on a small card for easy reference.

Most routers can normally have their configuration changed. To configure your router
you normally have to connect using an Ethernet cable and use internet explorer to open
the configuration page. The configuration page should be protected by a username
and password to prevent unauthorized changes.

Internet Connection Problems

Is your signal strength Low?
Do you get a good signal when your laptop is next to the router? Try moving the router
to a new location.

If you can’t connect to the internet, check the lights on your broadband router or try
another pc or other device which uses the internet to see it has the same problem.
If all your items can’t connect then the broadband link or the router could be the problem.
Turn the router off and then allow restarting, waiting 5 minutes and seeing if the correct
lights are showing and you can connect.

Mesh WIFI ideal for small B & B’s and easy way to get the wifi coverage needed for your guests.